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Textiles, silver, woodcarving, basketry and natural paper are some of the most popular handicrafts in Laos . Lao weavers are know for producing intricate fabrics in home-spun silk and cotton, most notably, complex mut mee (ikot) patterns based on folklore and natural themes. Some of the best weavers come from the Tai ethnic groups in Houaphan Province .

If you are planning a visit to Luang Prabang and are interested in weaving, don’t miss Ban Phanom or the night market in the center of town. While trekking or participating in other community-based ecotourism activities, be sure to ask to see what local crafts are available for sale in the villages you visit. If you are unable to make it out to the villages, there are handicraft outlets in almost every provincial capital selling distinct local products.

There are so many handicrafts in Laos. Therefore, we built this website where we can introduce you Laos handicraft and other information for your Laos traveling.

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